Alumni Board of Trustees

Alumni Board of Trustees

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Vice President: Patrick Lynch
Secretary: Taylor Mason
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Recruitment and Education: Joshua Huebel
“BB”: Nathan Atkinson
April 15 – 17: Alumni Reunion 2015
Location: Kirksville
Reunion will include an Alumni Initiation Ceremony on April 16th.
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Mar. 28, 2006


Over the past year, the Delta Chi Fraternity at Truman State University has taken a huge step forward, a step that many of us had been dreaming of for years. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the active chapter and a few indispensable alumni, we have a beautiful new fraternity house, and to those individuals I want to extend my sincere thanks. You all took a crisis and turned it into an opportunity to ensure the success and stability of the chapter for years to come. I doubt that many people will truly understand the work and sacrifice that went into to getting this house built. For all that you did and will continue to do for Delta Chi, I am very grateful. Thank you.

I also want thank all those actives and alumni who have been involved with the chapter over the years leading up to this achievement. As extraordinary as the efforts have been over the past year to build this new house, this did not just happen by luck one spring. The chapter and Franklin Street and the ABT had to all be at a point of stability and strength before they could ever attempt such an undertaking. You all provided essential contributions to keeping the chapter and alumni on the right track to succeed. No contribution of time, money or advice was ever too small. Everyone has been significant over the years, from the associate member inviting his friends to a rush event to alumni helping build a Homecoming float to an active member paying his rent and getting good grades to alumni at Reunion making generous contributions to Franklin Street. Everything you all have done over the years has contributed to the success of this chapter. And for all that, I thank you.

Now what? We have a new house, what else is there to do? Everything. We are just getting started and the sky is the limit. We just built a new fraternity house. Imagine what success our efforts and contributions will produce now. This is an exciting time for Delta Chi at Truman State University, and I look forward to all of us continuing to take part in the success.

In the Bond,
Erik Moore

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